Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Julie Estelle Cute Photo , pamer dadanya Glamour

Julie Estelle was one of the beautiful actress in Indonesia, cute and charming. Her movie which is "Kuntilanak" was a good horror movie at all. Julie Estelle she is cute , here the colections about Julie Estelle
julie estellejulie estele
julie estelle

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Tips For Effective Sales Training
By Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Are you rethinking your sales training? Or maybe you are now thinking of hiring a business coach or sales trainer to hone the skills of your sales force? Maybe, these 7 tips may help you make that sales training far more effective.

1. Define the desired results: What are the results that you want the sales training to deliver? When you can define the results, you can better tailor the sales training to achieve those results. Additionally, asking this question separates the real problems from the false problems or symptoms.

2. Define the behaviors: What behaviors do you want to see specific to selling skills? The more you can be specific about the behaviors you can better objective judgments about the effectiveness of the sales training.

3. Focus on Attitudes, Habits and Underlying Beliefs: Change does not come easy. Most sales training is about knowledge and how to improve selling skills. Yet, most performance failure is much more about bad attitudes and habits. Remember, learning is the acquisition of knowledge; performance is the application of knowledge