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Foto Seksi Lingerie Dewi Rezer

Dewi Rezer Profile :
Full Name: Francesca Dewi Rezer
Nick Name: Dewi Rezer
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, September 29, 1980
Zodiac: Libra
Father's Name: Yotin Rezer
Mother's Name: Nurdiati
Weight / height: 48Kg/168cm
Top / Shirt: S-M
Pants: 27
Shoes: 39-40
Hobbies: Sport, Read and Eat
Achievements & awards: Cover Girl Finalist 1995
Motto / Philosophy: Life is there to be enjoyed!

. TK: Regina Pacis (1985-1987)
. Elementary School: Regina Pacis (1987-1993)
. Junior School: Regina Pacis (1993-1996)
. Senior School: Budi Mulia (1996-1999)
. University: STIKOM London School of Public Relations (1999-2003)

. Beverages: Milk, Mineral Water
. Food: Food is delicious whatever
. Type of Clothing: Casual
. Perfume: BCBC, Benetton, Armani etc.
. Colors: Black, White, Blue, Biege, Green Light
. Actor / Actress: Angelina Jolie, Laetitia Casta, Giselle Bundhcen
. Singer / Band: Suede, Blur, Pulp, etc.
. Books: Birds chirp ( Mella)
. Sports: Roller Blade, Swimming, Running
. Animals: Dogs, Turtles and fish
. Vacation spot: The beach or the mountains

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Dewi Rezer Careers :

Originally the dream of becoming an artist is never crossed my mind as a child Rezer Goddess. There toward the door width when stretched himself out as one of the winners of the Cover GIRL 1995, while still sitting in second grade junior high school. After it bids to become the image model mapun commercials kept coming.

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Although the Goddess Rezer began his career early in life, new name jumped after after being a predicate VJ (Video Jockey), MTV Indonesia. But the profession dilakoninya only one year from 2002-2003. Goddess decides to stop temporarily from the glitzy world of entertainment because of the concentration of theses tasks completed as a condition of graduation from the London School of Public Relation.

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

In 2002, Goddess Rezer took roles in the films sampled plots Mira Lesmana, Rudy Sudjarwo, and Riri Riza, titled "The Seventh House." In his first film, playing with Indra Dewi Rezer Birowo. After playing at "House of Seven", the Goddess of completing two other films, namely "One More Dedication to Indonesian Film Lovers" and "Kiss ABG".

Although it has been playing the movie, Barbie did not forget his work first, the presenter. Goddess guide Teknopop event in TPI and ANTV through IBL Insider.

Spoiler :

Bikini Dewi Rezer
Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Dewi Rezer Lingerie

Dewi Rezer Biography :

Childhood in the mind of Goddess Rezer never desiring to become a model or an actress though. Like everybody else Like children, the Goddess had no desire to become a doctor or a pilot someday as adults. But what may make, turned out to speak another destiny. The age of 14 years, or rather sitting dibangu junior class II, the eldest of four siblings are surprisingly out as one of the winners of the Cover Girl 1995.

It already, by winning the race event magazine covers the teenager as if he had pocketed the passport and the way to a field spread enternaiment world. And it is true. Daughter of the couple and Nurdiati Yotin Rezer many accepted the offer to become a photo model to a product commercials. Name singletons born in Jakarta, 29 September 1980, began to soar after being a predicate VJ (Video Jocky), MTV Indonesia.

But the profession as a VJ is coveted by most of the young man he had only just lakoni year (2002-2003). Public does not seem to believe so easily and simply disconnect the profession VJ Goddess who arguably had coveted. Up-to widespread speculation that the sharp-nosed woman was dismissed by MTV because of busy promotion for the movie debut "House of Seven".

Calibaration have calibaration, apparently MTV VJ decision to quit as well as the vacuum from the frenetic world of entertainment, wildlife enthusiasts because of dogs, cats and turtles, is need to complete the task as a condition of graduation thesis from the London School of Public Relation. Now, after a bachelor degree communication, strong willed Goddess becomes a news caster (news anchor) on a television station. A profession which is not far from the realm has ever catapulted her name.