Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 Power List

celebutopia- Forbes Magazine has released their annual list of the most powerful celebrities in Hollywood. Of course, it won’t surprise anyone that Oprah Winfrey took the top spot because….well, she’s Oprah! Unlike the other lists that Forbes releases, the Power list consists of famous people but does not rank them by earnings.

Instead, the celebrities listed are all numbered according to how much attention they garnered through “print, TV, radio and social media”.

Here’s the Top TEN list of the Most Powerful Celebrities in Hollywood.

#1: OPRAH WINFREY – $315 million
#2: BEYONCE KNOWLES – $87 million
#3: JAMES CAMERON – $210 million
#4: LADY GAGA – $62 million
#5: TIGER WOODS – $105 million
#6: BRITNEY SPEARS – $64 million
#7: U2 – $130 million
#8: SANDRA BULLOCK – $56 million
#9: JOHNNY DEPP – $75 million
#10: MADONNA – $58 million
There’s the list! YOU were the ones that made these people rich, so if you don’t agree with this list, kick yourself in the ass!