Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Megan Fox Officially Unavailable

celebutopia- To all of the men and women who are still fans of Megan Fox after the whole Transformers 3/Jonah Hex disaster, she is officially off the market! That’s right, People Magazine has reported that the brunette bombshell got hitched to that guy from “90210″ at a super-secret wedding in Hawaii. So do we have to call her “Megan Fox-Green” now?
The photo below was taken a day after the wedding. As you can see, Brian Austin Green can’t be bothered by his new wife.

The nuptials were held over the weekend on the Big Island with a reported assload of security guards to protect Megan from the one guy who wanted a refund from her after he saw “Jonah Hex”. Okay, maybe not but why all the security? She’s not royalty here! She’s Megan Fox! She eats boys for energy and kisses girls!