Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Nikky Blonsky Brings the Quotes of the Day

Nikky Blonsky Brings the Quotes of the Day | celebrity quotes

skinnyvscurvy - 21 year-old Nikky Blonsky is the star of a tv show called “Huge”, a show about a group of teens sent to a summer weight-loss camp. Nikki recently opened up about her role, about prejudices and being plus-size in an interview for The Frisky:
Nobody really looks like that, unless you have the means. Most of America doesn’t have the money to have a trainer 24/7 and a meal service to bring you meals, because if they did, we’d all be a size 2. And that would just be too perfect.
Every single issue skinny people go through, plus-size people go through, too. We’re all human beings and we have to remember that our looks are something that are only with us for a certain time. It’s our spirit that people will remember us for as time goes on and we grow older.