Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

sexy leah dizon with mazda

i dont care what others might think about me coz i dont and will not care about them also.
when i say i dont like a person, i mean it! i cant be forced to like somebody .i do a thing if and only,i said i will do it! oftentimes, i say whats on my mind. i go being stubborn sometimes.. i am not that friendly to go here and there to meet new friends. effortlessly, i trust people that looks nice & kind; i can be pleased easily but i hate liars and users...they will just die eventually anyway. i love my friends, when i treat you as a friend i also mean to treat you in a nice and special way...if someone mess me up and try to unnerve me, i will treat that someone same as how as they have treated me

leah dizon adalah cewek tersexy di dunia dengan body aduhai dan wajah cantik sekali