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Udita Goswami Is Back With new hot style

26 Udita Goswami Is Back With new hot style

Udita Goswami Is Back With new hot style

Look who is back? It’s actress Udita Goswami, who made B-town take her note with her debut role as mountain girl in Pooja Bhatt’s Paap. The actress gone completely out of sight after doing couple of films like Agar, Zeher and Aksar. But, once again she caught in media attention when found hand in hand with director Mohit Suri. Then only we came to know that the actress is much serious about her acting career and holds four films in her kitty to release in 2009.

“I just decided to give my career the importance it deserves,” says Udita
Udita will next appear in Hello India opposite Akshay Kumar, Fox along with Arjun Rampal and Sunny Deol, Jagmohan Mundra’s Chase with kicking role and The Man, which is home production of Sunny.

After films like Aksar and Zehar, Udita did shows with singer Himesh Reshammiya for almost year. She candidly adds that with the shows she earned lots of money but lost her attention to acting. Now she has worked on herself by cutting her tresses short and hitting the gym for the work she really belongs to. “In front of the camera,” says the heighty.

The tall frame with flawless complexion later added, “I made a few mistakes with my career; but now I’m all set to rectify those mistakes. From now on, films will be top priority.”

Udita who is once again bitten by the acting bug don’t want anything to come her way to acting career, including her relationship with director Mohit Suri. “We’re close, we’re friends but nothing is going to come in the way of my professional achievements,” adds Udita. However besides acting she also has some other plans with in the film industry like script writing. “Some day, in the near future, I plan to step behind the camera as well,” says the actress. But when you look at her new sensuous look, one can guess that she has much to do with acting right now. “I’m ready to take chances with my roles.”

“If I make an impression – it’ll be fantastic. If I fail, then at least I can say I was honest to myself. I’ve never been more serious about my acting career than I am now,” says the well poised actress.

Well, that’s really good goody. Keep it up.

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