Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Ashley Greene's boobs are splendid

Ashley Greene's boobs are splendid

Ashley Greene is beautiful, which is probably why she ended up in a movie. This is probably why she ended up in your dreams too. However this doesn't quite explain the shrine you may or may not have built of her, out of dust bunnies and cheese.

Well Ashley was at the British premiere of Twilight, as was here lovely bottom and ample breast. Although it would have been quite odd if they didn't attend with her, as it could mean an awful lot of blood and more importantly, no girl news.

For those of you who don't know much about Ashley, here are some interesting tit bits.

1 \ She was born in Flordia.

2 \ Her surname is 'eneerg' backwards.

3 \ Her dad was a marine who now owns a concrete business.

Mr. Greene's experience with concrete and running around in a war allowed him to raise and create a lovely daughter, with a lovely bum. Well done Mr. Greene. We used to have an art teacher called Mr. Greene, he used to push his glasses through his nose to show off his ruined nasal passage. True story.

This Ashley's lovely bum. She is looking at you as if to say: "I know you're looking at my bum you filthy bugger face, but I don't care because I'm looking at your groin."