Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Best of Celebrity Pics: July 10-16, 2010

Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip. Click to enlarge some of our favorite photos from the past week.

Dozens of additional images that accompanied our stories these past seven days are in our gallery of our celebrity pics and after the jump ... (thehollywoodgossip)

Lady Gaga, Hello KittyCave Girl HuntKim Kardashian and Miles AustinPenelope Cruz, Javier Bardem PictureOld Man SpencerSitch PicLandon Donovan and Bianca KajlichTiges in ActionKristin WavingPretty Britney in PinkCool ZacTotal Hunk Alert!Poor Crazy MelHunk Alert!BestiesCareful, Steve NeildPic of SelenaEtheridge and Michaels