Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

Britney's ex-bodyguard fears for her kids

Image: Britney Spears

Britney Spears may require bodyguards, but a former employee thinks its her boys who need protection — from her. (Chris Pizzello / AP)

A disgruntled ex-employee once in charge of protecting Britney Spears is purportedly more concerned about the well-being of the pop star’s two sons (Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3) after seeing Spears’ distressing behind-the-scenes behavior. 

According to The Sun, former police officer and A-list bodyguard Fernando Flores contacted the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services to report for what he believed were abusive events in the Spears home.

“(Fernando) claims the first really shocking incident was when (Britney) came marching into the pool house at her mansion and demanded his belt,” an insider recalled. “He handed it over but then followed her into the main house and claims he witnessed the alleged incident.”

In that case, Flores was said to have seen the 28-year-old spank one of her young sons with the belt. At another time, Flores allegedly spied Spears feeding the boys foods they’re known to be allergic to. Both occurrences led Flores to believe Spears couldn’t “be trusted around her boys,” said the insider.

But it seems none of the most recent allegations factored into Flores decision to quit working for Spears. An earlier report revealed he left his post after being sexually harassed by the singer, a claim those close to Spears found laughable .