Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Emma Watson - Erectus legalum!

Emma Watson

Let’s be honest, I have enough money to never have to work again, 
but I would never want that…

Oh, how close we came to not having Emma ‘English Rose’ Watson, having nearly lost her to the dark side (France), where the elfin Harry Potter starlet lived until she was five. Sarkozy’s loss is our gain, of course, and once the accent was dropped the young natural blonde was bagging roles in school plays like The Happy Prince (no, us neither).

Surprisingly, perhaps, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone was her first professional acting gig at 11 – it was also the top-earning film of 2001 and netted her nominations for five awards. Still living at home with her mum in Oxford keeps Emma grounded, and the chances of a sex tape slipping out any time soon are zero. Somehow, however… we like that.(