Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Fight, Faint, Party

thehollywoodgossip - We actually have something positive to say about this week's episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami: it was baby talk free!

As for what else went down on the most scripted show on television? We forced an intern to watch and to file the following report...

On this week’s installment, Kourtney is obsessive about getting her body back into pre-baby shape. Also, Khloe is back in Miami from LA.

Kourtney goes overboard in her mission. She has a shoot for Life & Style, who we all know has an exclusive deal with the Kardashians.  She tells her stylist that she doesn’t want to be photoshopped because then it’s not realistic for other pregnant women to see.

Besides the fact that everything is photoshopped these days, it’s also unrealistic to for the average mom to be very rich with access to nannies, free clothes, trainers, etc.

We all know what happens next.  

Kourt with Khloe

After all, when you are depriving yourself of food and overindulging in exercise you will lose your cool and possibly consciousness.  Kourtney snaps at Scott and Khloe and then ends up fainting. She needs to be taken away in an ambulance to get hydrated.

By the way, how Patrick Bateman did Scott look in his outfit during that fight scene?  Moreover, when Kourtney had the IV pulled out, she claims she “can’t look at that stuff.”  I didn’t know Kourtney had any sort of gross out factor; after all she did pull her own baby out of her vagina on cable TV.

Meanwhile Khloe vowed that upon her return to Miami she would no longer be “whining Whitney” and would throw herself into being more helpful to Kourtney and Dash.  She takes over the shop, babysits Mason, and is Kourtney’s biggest cheerleader.

She feels since the Dash ladies are working really hard, she should take them out for a night at Liv.  People chug vodka from bottles and get dirty in the bathrooms. Shocking.  Khloe claims she can’t party like that anymore now that she’s an old married lady.  Yes, you can Khlo, but I’m into this new, mature outlook.

Truthfully, I’m usually a bigger Kourtney fan, but I fully take Khloe’s side on all of this.  As a baby sister, I feel you!

She was trying to be helpful and Kourtney was crapping all over her.  You know things are upside down when Scott and Khloe find themselves on the same side.  Scott even has wisdom to share.  And FYI Kourt, Khloe doesn’t have to tell you you look good because she’s your sister.  If anything, sisters are always the most brutally honest!