Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Lindsay's Locked Up; Daddy's on the Town

Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan Suffolk County Police Dept.; AP Photo/Nick Ut
As Lindsay faced her first night in jail, Michael Lohan blew off steam by hitting Skybar last night.

Papa Lo, who's reportedly staying at the Mondrian while in L.A., was spotted hanging with a small entourage at the hotel's lounge Tuesday—at one point dancing with a blond mystery woman who wasn't fiancée Kate Major.

But it wasn't all about getting down. Michael said he plans to visit Lindsay in jail and is extremely concerned about her being allowed to continue to her prescription medication regime. "If you're already taking something when you get in there, they let you keep it taking it every day," he explained of the prison's stance on prescriptions. "She needs help getting off those."

He's also upset about how lawyer Robert Shapiro handled the case...

"He didn't even file an appeal," Michael complained, adding that the lawyer put Lindsay in his sober living facility but failed to file an appeal that could delay or shorten her jail time.

Michael said he also feels badly for his other daughter, Ali, who broke down during her sister's sentencing and is very upset about the situation. So upset that shortly after this exchange, Michael left Skybar, claiming he "couldn't be there thinking of Linds in a cell."