Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay's Saviour Kim Kardashian

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Lindsay's Saviour Kim Kardashian

Michael Lohan is delighted his daughter Lindsay has befriended Kim Kardashian as he believes the socialite can save her. 

Lindsay Lohan's father thinks Kim Kardashian can save his daughter from her partying lifestyle.

Michael Lohan is delighted his actress daughter has befriended the socialite - who invited her to spend this weekend with her in New York - because he believes the brunette beauty can lead her back down the right path.

He said: "Since the time I first met Kim two years ago in New York, I've thought she was a good influence on Lindsay.

"Even back then, and Kim will tell you this, I told her that I wanted her to befriend Lindsay so that she could help steer her in the right direction. I mean, look at Kim and what she's accomplished. If you watched that reality show 'Double Exposure'. the Lindsay you saw on that show is not the Lindsay people remember at the pinnacle of her career."

Michael - who has repeatedly claimed his troubled daughter is addicted to prescription drugs - has little contact with the star, who turned 24 today (02.07.10), but is hoping to be able to meet with her when he flies to Los Angeles for her probation hearing next week.

He added to RadarOnline.com: "I hope I have the opportunity to take her to dinner for her birthday. I hope this year only brings the best people and things into her life. But the greatest gift for her will be for her to get through her court case coming up.

Michael continued: "Lindsay can have her life back. She, more than anybody, has the power to get back on track, but she just has to do it. And I know she will."