Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Paris Hilton And Jennifer Rovero Getting High And Detained At World Cup


Paris Hilton was detained at the World Cup Quarterfinal match Friday night where she was enjoying the match between Brazil and The Netherlands. Security at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium detained Hilton and Jennifer Rovero, who is a photographer that works for Paris, on suspicion of smoking Marijuana. After being questioned, Paris Hilton was released and no charges were filed. Jennifer Rovero admitted that she was the person getting high. Hilton’s representative released a statement that this was just a misunderstanding and the authorities have apologized to Paris for the mistake.

CMR contacted a former acquaintance of Paris Hilton who told us, “This is the way Paris operates. She has enough money to buy off her friends so they will take the fall for her. She is a total party animal. It makes me sick to see people get caught up in this game she (Paris) likes to play. One day there will be something she gets busted for that her money won’t be able to get her out of.” Sounds like Paris has stepped on a few toes in the past but that comes with being rich and famous.

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