Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Send Lindsay Lohan a Cell Block Snack Pack!

Lindsay Lohan Pool/Getty Images
Feeling bad about Lindsay Lohan's incarceration? Well, now you can send her a lovely gift basket of jailhouse-approved treats!

Just click on over to Keefe Commissary Network's Inmate Package program and enter LiLo's booking number—that's 2409752, folks—and the tasty goodies you order will be delivered to the locked-up starlet.

The delectable selections include KitKats, Ramen noodles and Hot & Spicy Pork Cracklings. For you nonfoodies, prepaid phone cards are also offered.

But don't get too gift-crazy...

Each inmate is given a "spending limit" of only $135 per week, Sunday through Saturday, with no backorders.

Fortunately, the website displays Lindsay's remaining gift balance before you order, in case some other Freaky Friday fans beat you to the purchasing punch.

Of course, if Lindsay's limit is hit, you could always just send something to fellow Lynwood jailbird Alexis Neiers instead, right? (eonline.com)