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Foto Profile Artis Cantik Carissa Putri

Carissa Putri

Carissa Putri

Carissa Putri

Carissa Putri

Carissa Putri Biography :

Carissa Putri, known as the star acting in movies, soap operas, as well as FTV Indonesia. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, 12 September 1984, she was regarded as a newcomer, who has not so widely known.

Carissa contributed to the hit movie filmed Hanung Bramantyo, AYAT-AYAT CINTA which also became a movie premiere. The film is lifted from the bestselling novel of the same title written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy was entrusted to her role as Maria Girgis, a Christian Coptic girl who later fell in love with Islam.

According to the story, Carissa Putri originally prepared for the role of Aisha Greimas, a student of German and Turkish descent, intelligent, beautiful and rich. But the role was eventually given to Rianty Cartwright who actually originally going to play Maria. Because according to Hanung, Carissa's face is too young for the role of Aisha.

From the big screen, Carissa Putri is also the product icon Telkom Speedy is starting to break the glass screen. The movie star was playing in TARIX Jabrix stripping sinetron Ramadhan, AQSO & Madina. Carissa has also appeared in several soap operas, such as ANGGUN, SITI Nurbaya, HIKMAH 3, DO NOT DETACH ME, 1 BEETLE FLOWER 4, and I LOVE U BOS.

Success in the soap opera brought new role to play in the soap opera again pursue other impressions. This time it was rumored that Carissa's special relationship with actor Fedi Nuril must compete with Winky Wiryawan acting in Rafika.

Carissa Putri who like to wear a watch this big guy who claimed to already have a girlfriend now. He claimed that made him one click with her boyfriend who is not from the entertainment world, is equally fond of photography, even they often hunting together.