Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

I am an all-man woman: Bipasha

570c2 bipasha+basu I am an all man woman: Bipasha
Bollywood hot babe fell very much proud for her sexy image. She said that, ‘If, people think that I am hot and sexy, I take it as an approval and appreciation of my beauty and not as a bad remark. Unless an actress is hot, people, especially male audiances do not prefer to watch her movies. In fact, I am an all-man woman.

When they come to theatres expecting something hot from me, I can not disappoint them, merely for having good-girl image.’

‘Though, there are so many beauties in the Bollywood, each one them have their own style of sexy appeal and image. But, I never bothered about all those hot girls in the industry, as I have my own share of male audiances for me since beginning of my career,’ says buxom babe Bipasha Basu.

570c2 6316844059760882393 1585081677948839217?l=bollysamosa.blogspot I am an all man woman: Bipasha
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