Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

narmmadaa_ahuja bollywood actor govida daughter

7e3d9 narmmadaa ahuja narmmadaa ahuja bollywood actor govida daughter
There is speculation that Govinda’s Cute daughter Narmmadaa Ahuja would enter Bollywood.

It’s now a fact that NArmada will soon follow her dad’s footsteps into the Glamour world of Hindi cinema.

Recently She unintentionally created quite a stir when she escorted Salman Khan during the IIFA Awards .

She carries off Indian as well as western looks and styles almost effortlessly, she might best fit in a glamour girl image. What’s more! The girl has already been signed by a famous producer, whose name will be revealed only next week.

Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda (who has added the extra ‘m’ and ‘a’ in Narmmadaa’s name) says, “Watch out for her. She will get a lot of offers after August.” Let’s see if his crystal ball of numbers creates more magic.

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