Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Ange learnt to fly as gift

Angelina Jolie. AFP

Angelina Jolie learned to fly as a birthday present for her son. The actress — who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt — took pilot lessons after realising how much her eldest child, Maddox, now eight, enjoyed watching planes go by. 

She explained: "When Maddox was one and a half, we used to go to the airfield, have lunch and watch the planes. And it dawned on me: I could fly. So I promised him I would fly by his second birthday."

The 'Salt' star admits she loves boarding a plane alone as it is the only time she gets the solitude she craves.
She added to Vanity Fair magazine: "It's the only place I'm completely alone — up in the air, detached from everything.

"Brad loves the technical aspects. He loves the checks, loves all the maths. I'm terrible at the maths, but I love that I can go anywhere and have that freedom. He's more patient. I tend to drive it to the ground."

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