Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Angelina Jolie's Salty Bloody Trip to the Hospital

Angelina Jolie (Sony picture)

eonline.com - Making Salt was a real headache for Angelina Jolie—literally.

An accident toward the end of the shoot left a bloodied Jolie taking a trip to the hospital.

How bad was it? We'll let Phillip Noyce, director of the action-packed spy flick, explain…

"She took a dive with all the velocity that she needed to, but there was a TV monitor in her way and she collided with it and hit her between her eyes," Noyce told us last night at the movie's black carpet premiere in Hollywood.

"That's a moment when you don't know what to do or think until you get the report from the hospital. You know, you hit yourself right there and it looks like nothing but it could be something much worse."

Jolie recently told Nightline that the injury interrupted shooting. "I returned the next day with this big bandage on my head, they had to paint it (the bandage) out," she said. "I tried really hard to do my fight scenes and a few minutes in, they were like, 'You're really not fighting very well,' so they sent me home."

Noyce admits he doesn't know if Jolie had to be stitched up. "I'm not sure if she got stitches," he said. "When she came back, the makeup artist had done such a good job covering it up."

Meanwhile, Noyce also said Jolie and beau Brad Pitt's kids visited the set often. "But she never let the outside get in the way of the work," he said. "She's totally focused."

I have more Salt for you. Make sure to come back here later on to find out about plans for a sequel.