Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

LeBron James Completes Transformation Into Sports Villain

The LeBron James transformation is complete.

This once-beloved superstar has officially gone from a competitive, loyal hometown hero to a self-serving, insincere sell-out who lacks the sort of on-court confidence all-time greats such as Michael Jordan possessed.

LeBron joined fellow Heat players Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at a welcoming event in American Airlines Arena last night. It was the first time he donned a Miami jersey, saying it "felt right" on him.

To the rest of the sports world, however, it feels like the move of someone that figured, hey, I can't beat 'em. So I'll just join 'em... forever tainting my legacy and my claim as the Chosen One. (thehollywoodgossip)

LeBron in Miami
Despite his claims, LeBron James is NOT taking less money to join the Heat. Due to Florida tax laws, he'll end up making MORE than he would have if he had signed a maximum contract in Cleveland.